José Bolívar Fresneda’s “Caribbean Front in World War II”

The devastation of the countries in the region are above repair.

Repeating Islands

José Bolívar Fresneda’s Caribbean Front in World War II The Untold Story of U-Boats, Spies, and Economic Warfare (Markus Wiener Publishers) is described by the New West Indies Guide as “the most complete examination to date of the Nazi submarine campaign in the Caribbean and its effect on the various societies of the region.” The review continues, “Based on archival sources in the United States and Puerto Rico, an extensive reading of English and Spanish language newspapers, and a robust survey of secondary sources, the book provides a synthetic analysis of this understudied aspect of World War II. [. . .] Bolívar demonstrates his skillful reading of sources and eye for detail in articles from the daily press, including the New York Times, Washington Post, El Mundo, and others. The result, told in an engaging narrative style, is a must-read for anyone working on the…

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